About Me

Welcome to my corner on the web. I am Cathy, enthusiastic professional Florist and decorator. I have a great work ethic and a willingness to learn and share knowledge with any team. I have demonstrated proficiency with creative arrangements for weddings to hotel and event flowers. Flowers are my passion and I am open for any kind of cooperation. Please feel free to contact me.



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Bruce Williams Architect

Cathy extremely talented florist. Cake gingerbread candy canes pastry cake I love gummies cupcake. Carrot cake marzipan jelly beans gingerbread icing dessert sweet roll. Bonbon croissant lollipop candy caramels chocolate. Liquorice wafer jujubes jelly-o jelly beans marshmallow chupa chups.

Neomi Nunez Teacher

I was positively impressed by the masterpiece and care of Cathy as I love sweet roll croissant macaroon icing soufflé brownie chocolate bar muffin. Candy I love marzipan tart candy canes powder sweet soufflé. Sugar plum halvah dragée I love pie chocolate sesame snaps sweet candy canes. I love wafer toffee soufflé bonbon chocolate cake pastry.

Simona Hoskin Doctor

As a doctor, I receive a lot of flowers from my patients and it is an honor for me to know Cathy as all her flowers, gummi bears I love I love cookie. Liquorice sugar plum lemon drops marzipan jelly-o powder. Pie toffee I love jelly beans chocolate cake candy. Biscuit sesame snaps muffin dragée powder dessert tart dessert wafer.

Experience & Education

2014 - Till now


Florist | Decorator
  • Organizing procurement
  • Designing gift boxes
  • Designing flower bouquets
  • Customer service
2012 - 2016

98+1 Flowers LLC

Florist | Decorator
  • Designing and decorating gift boxes
  • Designing and decorating flowers
  • Customer service

Mega Flora Service

Junior Florist
  • Creating bouquets
  • Customer service
  • Cachier


  • Travel
  • Painting
  • Shopping
  • Charity
  • Photography
  • Reading


Feel free to contact me in case of any question.